embodied movement - sourcing the body's natural intelligence
Embodied Movement delivers high quality movement practice in a friendly atmosphere. Integrating different disciplines, it aims to enhance mental and physical well-being, balance and health. Providing:
  • Pilates
  • Shiatsu Massage 
  • Movement therapy
Dominique Bulgin is a fully accredited and insured Pilates teacher and Dance Movement Therapist . She is also certified to give practical Shiatsu treatments. 
  • Offering tailor-made movement sessions
  • In the comfort of your own home / work place
  • or Living Pilates in Enfield.
Who are sessions for?
Any age or fitness level.
Everyone is welcome!
Some of the clients Dominique works with:
  • Mums (pre/ post natal)
  • People with injuries
  • Dancers
  • Sports men / women
  • Business men / women
  • Those dedicated to an active retirement!
The sessions are personalized to suit your specific needs and interests.
Embodied Movement customizes its programmes for you.
"Nothing happens until something moves"
 Albert Einstein