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Embodied Movement believes in an interdisciplinary approach to better health and well-being. Using Pilates and other body-based therapies, Dominique combines her technical expertise with a sensitivity to each person's needs.

to uncover the body's natural intelligence and our own wisdom....

A time to jump and a time to be still...  

Different things work for different people. And one thing never works all the time!

Bringing a flexible approach to her practice, Dominique's unique combination of exercise and hands-on treatment makes her work relevant to a range of people, conditions and contexts.

Bringing Awareness

Embodied Movement is about bringing mindfulness, quality and grace to the way we move and live. We are often disconnected from our bodies, deadened to sensation and living in our heads. The process of embodiment brings awareness as we learn to listen to the feedback our bodies give us.

Unique Perspective

Observing the original principles of Pilates, but exploring the method in relation to current research, Embodied Movement offers a unique perspective on Pilates. With an interdisciplinary view of the body, sessions explore movement in a fun, focused and safe environment.

"Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies..."

                                                                                                                                                  Deepak Chopra

More than simply putting anatomy into motion,

our movement expresses who we are.