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What people say…….

“Pilates has totally changed my life. Dramatic but true. My posture is better, my back hurts less, I feel more flexible and happier. Dominique is an amazing instructor and we're really lucky to have her. She shapes each class according to our specific needs on the day and always has time to give us much-needed one to one attention. I look forward to every class and at the end I leave with a smile on my face, feeling ten inches taller.” 

Katie Horsewell, Channel 4

"Having Dominique as my Pilates Instructor for the last 18 months has helped me to gain physical fitness as well as strength and flexibility. Her versatile exercise programme has helped me not only to strengthen my core muscles (my previous back-ache is a thing of the past) I have also noticed improved posture and alignment. As I am not a sporty person Dominique has helped me to retrain my body with minimal effort and no tension. My stamina and posture are improved. What I also really like is her holistic approach and we have a lot of fun."

Ellen Moloney

"Dominique has come to my home for about a year now. She is a personable, well-trained and multi talented teacher who brings all her background knowledge to our hour together…."   

Basia Kapp

"I have discovered muscles I never knew I had…. My posture has improved, my back and knees are stronger and I don't see my osteopath nearly so often - AND I've had FUN!!!"

Kate Clarke